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  • Download the application form by clicking on the link and saving it to your computer
  • Complete the application in full
  • Return it via email to as a PDF document
  • We aim to respond to within 48 working hours

Our aim is to identify the highest quality candidates that meet our success criteria; those who are already meeting the Teacher’s Standards for QTS.  The selection process for our Assessment Only Route to QTS is outlined below:

Stage 1 – Screening

We offer an initial screening phone call with our SCITT Programmes Lead who will ensure you meet the criteria for the Assessment Only Route. This is a good time to check your experience meets the requirements, ask any questions and plan your next steps.

Candidates who take part in the initial screening and meet the requirements of the Assessment Only Route are guaranteed a Pre-Assessment Visit based on the information they give during the screening process.

Stage 2 – Application and pre-checks

Apply to us by downloading and completing our application form which can be found here. Return it via email to as a PDF document.  (change layout – download links as necessary)

If your application is successful, as part of our safer recruitment processes we will:

  • contact your referees and ask them to provide a reference which will need to include information about your teaching experience, evidence of how you meet our success criteria and suitability to work with children.
  • ask the headteacher of the setting where you are going to be assessed to complete a ‘Fit to Practice’ statement.
  • require a copy of your current DBS from the setting in which you are being assessed

We will also send you the Reflective Portfolio guidance and contact you to arrange a date for your pre-assessment visit.  An invoice for your pre-assessment visit (£150) will be raised.

Stage 3 – Pre-assessment visit

The Pre-Assessment Visit allows us to assess the extent to which you are already meeting the Teachers’ Standards as well as ensuring you meet our core SCITT competencies and values. It includes:

Teach a lesson

You will teach a lesson (25-minutes minimum) with a class and on a topic of your choice


You are required to do a 10-minute pre-prepared presentation on the following:

Give a brief overview of a current challenge facing the British Education System. How do you address/overcome it in your role?

The best presentations have included examples and evidence from candidates own practice.


You will have a discussion lasting around 1 hour which will include scrutiny of your Reflective Portfolio and cover the following areas:

  • Your reasons for wanting to gain QTS
  • Your understanding of the role of the teacher
  • Your experience in at least two educational settings
  • Reflection on your current practice
  • What you have learnt from your teaching experience
  • The extent to which your existing subject knowledge equates to that needed to meet Teacher Standard 3
  • How you are already meeting the Teachers’ Standards and where you need to develop further
  • How your own skills and attributes are supporting/will support you in being an outstanding teacher
  • Safeguarding.

Meeting with the Head Teacher and your School-based Mentor

We will need the opportunity to have a short meeting (10 minutes minimum) with the Head Teacher of the educational setting in which your assessment will be carried out and your School-based Mentor. This can be a joint meeting or two separate ones and will be used to discuss the extent to which you are already meeting the Teachers’ Standards.

Document check

We will check all the documents required for enrolment onto the Assessment Only Route. 

Stage 4 – Outcomes

You are likely to be informed of the outcome of your pre-assessment visit on the day, although we will also contact you as soon as possible with a formal written decision.

If you are unsuccessful

Guidance and feedback on how to improve your application/meet the requirements will be given.  You should reflect on this to help you plan what to do so that you can improve your application. You are very welcome to reapply when you feel you have made sufficient enhancements to your application and ability to meet the requirements.

If you are successful

If your Pre-Assessment Visit is successful and you are made an offer, you will be notified in writing. The letter will include any specific conditions of your offer.

After completing all the documentation in relation to you being legally able to commence the Assessment Only Route with us, your assessment period will commence and we will arrange an interim or Final Assessment Visit.